Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Italian revenge: Big brother helped out

A long time ago, in a galaxy ... wait. Okay, okay, okay, our last game was a while ago, shame on us. A week ago we met all together and played another wonderful round of our self-made "Jaffa-Tabletop" wargame. For a quick look into history feel free to read some posts here at Montys place:
Italians vs. British Part I
Italians vs. British Part II

Last time the Italians had "technical" problems and went to the dogs. My job was to prevent another disaster in the next game.

This time we had a different constellation:
Italians (me)/Germans (Monty) vs. British/US American (Cro & Auld Nick)

My idea behind was to strengthen the Italians a bit with their big brothers (the Germans - at least in 1942).
With over 300 points of max. 600 points invested in three german Tiger H tanks our side overran the allied forces. Two factors influenced the game:
1. We played late 1942 and in this time the Tiger H was "king on the road".
2. Our opponents counted on max. one Tiger. Their two Shermans were gone in flames after the first rounds and the other armoured vehicles had no chance to penetrate a Tiger.
3. Only effective weapon on the field beside the Shermans were two mortars, but our opponents did not use them very well. 

At the moment we try to balance all units and weapons and that´s a hard job. Sometimes the historical conditions prefer a side like in our game.

Beside this uneven showdown and the fact that the Italians can only win with a little help (*gg*) it was a illuminating game. We tried out a new unit-activation-system and it worked.

Pictures, let´s speak for yourself!

The Shermans looking for a worthwhile target.

Big surprise! Three Tiger H - two of them prey on the Shermans.
Meanwhile in the village: A small delegation of US troops is crossing the main street...
...and stumbles right on the third Tiger H. Not fair, isn´t it?
Italian infantry securing the first houses of the village.
The US Boys got the church and the other half of the village - a tough fight started.
View of a Fieseler Stork Recon Aircraft ;-)

Sonntag, 12. August 2012

Just a (Lego®) brick in the wall? Kharkov is growing...

Wow, last post was 2 month ago. A long break with many events, e.g. I changed the company. Please forgive my quietness, this weekend was the first time where I could concentrate on my hobby.

So what do we have here?

If you read my post "The Red Army is rising" you remember the russian HQ in Kharkov.
Unfortunately "my" Kharkov is everything you can see on those pictures. Tiny, isn´t it?
Fortunately I found some old ruins build with Lego®-bricks. The bricks are perfect to build houses or ruins in the scale 1/72. I can´t remember who of our guys built them over 10 years ago. The ruins are incomplete, just the naked bricks for the moment.

First I went to a building center and bought some spattling compound and tried to "hide" the characteristic look of the Lego® bricks. My first try was a bad one. Bought a compound that becomes too sandy while drying.

Second attempt.

I went to the building center again *grrr* and bought another spattling compound (hoping for the best!). Now everthing went well as you can see here:

Lego® ruin second attempt

I sprinkled stones in the middle of the rooms to get some asperity.

In the end of this step there should be a ruin that changed from a toy to a basic wargaming accessoire:

Nearly finished step

So, what is missing? Color!
Started with "Erdfarbe" (No. 87, Aqua-Color, Revell) for the floors:

Floors: Earth-Color

Followed by "Staubgrau" (No. 77, Aqua-Color, Revell) for the walls and some parts of the ground:

Walls and parts of the ground: Dust-grey

"My" Kharkov will grow again and again within the next weeks - 3 ruins to go!

Anyway, the HQ of my Russian Army moved into a new position:


The Commander of the KV-2 gets new orders

KV-2 between a new Kharkov ruin (front) and a toy-ruin (background) - The Commander doesn´t seem to be happy with his orders *gg*

What do we learn? Collect the Lego®-bricks of your kids and build some lovely ruins for the scale 1/72!

I think about some wood, bushes or gras within the ruins. Any ideas in your mind?