Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Operation Cobra, Normandy, late 1944, mission not accomplished

Last Saturday we met for another engagement with our self-made tabletop wargame. In over 10 years it was the first time that Christian aka "Chrissy Cro" and me united to play the Allied forces. On the other side stood Daniel and Niclas aka "Auld Nick" with their german troops.

Niclas and Christian designed a nice scenario with a historical touch for our match.

Part of the french village Marigny hold by the Panzer Lehr Division in late 1944, Normandy

Road to Marigny - concentration area for parts of the 1st Infantry Division and the 3rd Armoured Division

The scenario was divided in different acts:
1. The german side will occupy the crossroads with a small force (about 120 points).
2. The US boys will start with 150 points.
3. With the first gunfight all other Allied forces (450 points) will enter the battle while in each further turn german troops appear as reinforcements at a price of 100 points till the limit of 600 points will be reached.

Some impressions of the game in pictures:

Supported by a M3A1 Halftrack and a mortar two troops try to cross the forest to reach the first crossroad

The Krauts holding the crossroad with a StuG and a rifle group
After a short exchange of bullets with casualties on both sides the 3rd Armoured Division started the main attack with 2 Shermans and a M10 "Wolverine" Tank Destroyer

Suddenly a big "cat" appeared within the village. Immediately the US forces split to outflank the StuG and the Tiger

This poor Sherman went left and was hit by the Tiger a turn later. The crew survived the attack but was shocked. Another turn later a second hit knocked the tank off. The crew abandoned the tank and fled.
At first sight the right flank seemed to work as planned - The M10 TD destroyed the StuG with a pretty good hit. While Christian and me was giving high-five to each other three german 120mm mortars fired on the crowd of men and vehicles near the salad (did you notice this beautiful salad? *gg*). All three mortar granates didn´t hit the aimed point but scattered and caused the hell on earth. The M10 was useless because the main gun became damaged. The Haftrack and the Sherman blew up in flames. Some good men got lost.
The US attack had been stopped. Operation Cobra failed. As a result we stopped the game. Again it was a really good game. We tested some new rules and cement some old ones. Furthermore we invented new rules for scattering mortar granates. Most important: The next games are scheduled ;-)


  1. Nice pictures and a good read. Looks like you had much fun without me. ;-)
    I hope to be able to join you again soon.