Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Bridgehead and a weak flank: Red Army vs. German Army

Hey, second time we played "The Jaffa Tabletop" (our own ruleset for scale 1/72) within 2 weeks. We had a beautiful showdown between German and Russian Forces.

We tested some new rules and had a lot of fun. Instead of a normal battle our "master of terrain" Daniel generated a complex scenario.

1. Part: The Russians deploy their whole lineup with the mission to gather a bridgehead on the other side of the river. Fearing a strong attack in their flank they had to split the forces to protect the village and their backside. The Germans starts with an unknown part of their linup on the other side of the river to defend the bridge.

2. Part: After 1D6 rounds the rest of the Germans attacks the flank of the russian territory.

Like the battle report before I let pictures speak for themself:

View of a recon plane - the bridge with mission critical geographic points (red dices)

German mortars waiting for the russian attack over the bridge
A mighty 8,8cm FlaK is waiting for action
On the other side: A KV-1A and a ZiS-3 AT-Gun (PaK) - the beginning was full of action

After a short military exchange the FlaK and the KV-1 blew up in flames. The PaK moved to another position waiting for the german forces on the flank.
Supported by fire from the mortars a heroic russian infantry group tried to pass the bridge
Not a joke - the Germans had the same idea. A SdKfz 251 gave fire support.
That wasn´t a peaceful picnic. Some moments later the russian group had nothing to laugh about.
Meanwhile on the flank: The PaK and another heroic (what else?) russian troop held of a German StuG III.

LEGO-ruins in action (see blogpost before). Russian infantry waited for the attack. Later on the German troops succeeded in capturing the village. Because they got all mission critical points we stopped the game.

The bottom line: Playing "The Jaffa Tabletop" - priceless! ;-)

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