Samstag, 1. September 2012

A quick start for a german task force - Armour & Infantery

I will start a new project tonight. In our wargaming group we have a small problem. One of our guys build nearly all of our german troops. I know, WWII without the german army would have been a better time, but in case of our game we can´t play without the germans. Okay, sometimes I can play with my Italians against allied forces but they have not so much to choose for the lineup.

My idea now is to build up a german task force to have an alternative stock for german troops if needed.

I want to model these kits:

Why Armourfast? As I mentioned in a blogpost before. I´m not a good modeller and the most important fact is: I know it. :-)

Bought the three kits because StuG, Pz IV and Panther are units that fought in nearly every battle between 1941 and 1945. With this small collection of german tanks I can represent a wide variety of the german motor pool with look-a-likes.

Bought a pack of Italeri German Elite Troops to add those guys to my existing Revell German Infantry.

Hope I can show you the results soon...

*Update 02.09.2012 morning*

Result after 3,5 hours of building. That´s why it´s called ArmourFAST.

*Update 02.09.2012 afternoon*
First mission accomplished - 6 tanks ready for painting ;-)


  1. Looks good, good choices, you might want to consider some Sdkfz 251s as well for troop transport/supports.

    1. Good point, Dan. Tried to buy a kit Sdkfz 251s (yeah, again Armourfast) but my retailer would have to order them first. Didn´t want to wait for the other kits that´s why the transporters will come later.

  2. Yeah some good stuff here, will watch this project with interest

  3. Looking good so far.
    You might try Plastic Soldier Company as well. Fast assembly kits but looking much better than Armourfast to my mind:

    See you next weekend

  4. Have you considered PSC 251s? They are the C version, but are quite good, you get 3 to a box and crew plus stowage.

    1. Thx for this great advise, Dan! My favourite retailer has only the PSC 251s D version. Will think about an order when this project is finished.

      The PSC russian kits are looking quiet interesting for me, too ;-)

  5. Sorry Kukuruz, I was think D and wrote C, you are right, they only have the D version, good from 1943, I think for quick build war gaming kits they are excellent, 3 of my 251s in the group build are PSC, and I don't think they really stand out from the gaming table.