Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Ready for duty: Katyusha, T-26 and SU-76

I am sorry for Russia, they lost the crucial soccer game against Greece and have to go home. However, while watching the UEFA Euro 2012 some russian units (all scale 1/72) got final paintings.

First my beloved Katyusha. For a flashback to earlier phases or a photo of the master see this post.

Katyusha on Studebaker Truck

Second a tiny T-26 (the left one) - sweet but deadly ;-)

left: T-26; right: SU-76

Finally I have to present a good support for infantry - a SU-76. Russian nickname of this self-propelled gun is "Suka" that means "Bitch". Am I allowed to write such naughty things here? *gg*

SU-76 with Commander and Loader

Again I am not happy with the quality of the photos - but hey, at least you cannot see my painted mistakes. Always look on the bright side of life... *whistle*

Hope we can see these babies in action soon...


  1. Nice work, Michael!

    I like the one with the crew inside. I hope to see it on the battlefield soon!


  2. Im afraid you T26 is actually an Italian m31/40 from the look of turret, The SU-76 is very attractive though

    1. You´re sure? The m31/40 was strongly inspired by the T-26. Hm, looking closer maybe you´re right. Found this one after some years and thought it´s a T-26 *gg*. Will use it for both armies - the russian and the italien :-) Thanks for advise!

  3. Nice work! And nice blog too, I do like "Red Army is rising" post...

    1. Thanks, Phil! Next posts will follow soon :-)