Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

First try, don´t shoot!

My first posting here, what a feeling.

I will keep it short for this one...

Why should you read another blog?
Counterquestion - why do you think this blog is just for you? ;-)
I start this blog for three reasons:

1. One of our tabletop guys infected me with his cool blog "Montys Caravan" - have a look here: http://montys-caravan.blogspot.de/
I hope my blog will help and motivate ME to start AND finish some of my own projects, too.

2. We created our own tabletop game in the last decade and the game is far away from being shiny and playable in every situation. I want to start some rule discussions, give YOU some insights into the game and get feedback and ideas from YOU. Maybe YOU can help us to finish the rulebook for this lovely WWII tabletop game called "The Jaffa TableTop".

3. Okay - and of course I start this blog just for YOU to read, to share and to find useful information, links and persons! Forget the counterquestion... :-P

Oh, there´s a fourth reason: As you can see I have to practice my english - please correct me if I get something wrong.

Hope you will enjoy my upcoming posts. Stay tuned...

1 Kommentar:

  1. Hi Michael,

    nice idea to run a blog concerning our ruleset. I'm really curious which echo your blog will evoke.

    In any case good luck and have fun with sharing your ideas!