Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Red Army is rising

Thanks for your first comments and especially for the first wishes/advices!

GReg (Blog: commented that it would be wise to start this blog with some pictures of my troops.

In most of our tabletop games I used to play the russian army. One of our guys, Niclas aka. Auld Nick, collected and modelled most of the russian tanks. At the moment the complete red army is stored at my place. Great chance to make some pictures and fulfil the needs of my readers *gg*

Lent (not lend-lease!) the camera of my sister-in-law, build up a small Diorama on my desk (that´s why it´s originally named "tabletop") and shooted:

Picture of trucks - red army
In August 1943 the Red Army finally freed Kharkov (birthplace of the famous T-34 tank).

Picture of russian Headquarter
Russian Headquarter in the center of Kharkov: Wild discussions about the best route of march between the radio operator and the strategic supreme command.

Picture of a ruin - russian headquarter
Daniel built this beautiful ruin. Puzzle Picture: Where is the Sniper?

Picture of a ruin - russian headquarter
Two Political Officers talking about the best place to fly the soviet flag.

picture of a ruin - russian headquarter
Hm, maybe wrong camouflage in this situation - that is the only reason why you can see my Sniper ;-)

picture of parking jeeps, trucks and tanks - russian army
Place to park. Lend-Lease jeeps, trucks, two SU´s and three T-34 waiting for the next target.

I am a little bit disappointed about the quality of the pictures. The camera is not made for close-up views. Till I will find a better one or we will have another game where Monty will shoot some pictures, you can see some real vehicles here:

We got a ride with the SdKfz. 9.
Priceless!  :-)))


  1. Yes now your on a roll. Nice bit of character added to the photos, I like the sniper must admit did not notice him until I read below.